Lemons Anyone?

July 6, 2010 at 2:26 pm (Life in General)

When life gives you lemons, turn it into lemonade. This expression has been rapping at the doorways of my subconscious for quite some time now. Probably because I really don’t see the logic in it. Basic dissection of its essence would just result in making the best out of undesirable situations. Much of which, we have no control over. I don’t want to sound overly pessimistic, nor do I want to send out a negative aura towards the joyous and festive air of the 4th of July celebration, but I can certainly say that this is all too delusional. Need I explain? Very well, if you insist.

The whole concept of making the best out of things has been instilled to us when we are born. Mostly, the brainwashing is done by our parents. This is really quite contradicting to the whole “achieving greatness in life” pep talk that we receive at the usual dinner table.

Here’s a much clearer picture, you’ve suddenly found yourself being nurtured by someone, someone who makes you ecstatic just by waking up every morning, but you yourself know for a fact that it can’t last forever… but still you persist. Now, pop quiz, how do you think this scenario will end up? Of course you’ll be shattered to pieces, because you’ve made the best out of your lemons and held on to it for all its worth. Here’s another little experiment, try asking people whether they believe in destiny or not, and I assure you that 99% of the time their answer to you will be a big fat “No”. They’d even stress the fact that people write their own destiny. Yet, when one of these lemons show up their doorstep, it would be their knee-jerk reaction to gladly let it in. I guess that’s just one of the mysteries of human nature.

I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but life is full of lemons, and the good thing about those lemons is that they’re visible and tangible. They can easily be spotted heading your way. The very least you could do is avoid them.


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Success, Sickness and SEO Competition

May 29, 2010 at 12:52 am (Search Engine Optimization) (, , , , , , )

Got in at work last night and had some awesome SEO work results. Everything would have been great, except I was feeling a bit feverish. Combined with a huge migraine and stomach cramps, made my mood impossible to work with, so I left work earlier. To top things off, I have a huge competition campaign to undergo which I’m behind right now because I hardly got any work done. The only thing that got me through the day was reading the fresh article from Bruce Clay’s SEO Blog. Those were brilliant reads by the way. My hats off to all their guest writers for the week. They tackled mostly social media, branding and competition issues. SEO Competition basics: Always be on your toes when it comes to competition. You may be on a great competition campaign using great methods, but your competitor might be using the same methods against you.

I was expecting to end the month of May with a bang, but instead I got a dud. Oh well… better luck next month.

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To Follow, or to NoFollow.

May 27, 2010 at 8:22 pm (Search Engine Optimization) (, , , , , , , )

I woke up early this morning. I’m was still a bit sleepy, but the barking of my chihuahuas seem to sabotage my intention of slamming my head back to my bed. Feeling a sense of hopelessness in getting some more shut-eye, I took my guitar out of its case and headed for the living room. I wasn’t able to think of a specific song to play, so I just lightly played whatever chords that came to mind. It was raining, and as the water trickled down the window pane, I began to wander in deep thought about my work. Part of my work as a White Label SEO Reseller is looking for ways to improve our clients campaigns. The thought that was running in my head at that time is the concept of NoFollows. As far as my knowledge of link building goes, NoFollows were developed for the sole-purpose of preventing spam. And yet I still see a lot of sites with NoFollow attributes spammed into oblivion. Why is that? It’s hard to believe that at this age, there would be an SEO that is still unaware of NoFollows. I started to analyze a logical reason, looking at the raindrops a thought hit me. Rain is made through evaporation of moisture. Here’s me analysis:

“Nofollows means No Page Rank Juice, but an increase in traffic. An increase in traffic, combined with quality niche relevant content (lowers bounce rate) results in good SERP ranking, which in turn creates authority. Google has stated that Relevance and Reputation are what they look for in ranking a website. So, the whole issue about NoFollows not giving out juice, in the long run can still give your site juice?”

I’m still in the dark with my analysis. Anyone want to offer their ideas on this matter, please feel free to leave a comment. By the way, I consumed a good 10 minutes pondering everything about NoFollows… the migraine that ensued lasted for 3 hours.

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The Start of an SEO Reseller’s Journey

May 26, 2010 at 1:11 pm (Life in General) (, , , , , )

My first stab at blogging. Let me just start by saying, as an SEO, blogs has been the life source of my chosen trade. It is the very basic of one of the most embraced topic on the web (aside from porn, of course). My reason for starting this blog is just plain and simple, documenting my life and my work, and hopefully readers can pick up a few useful ideas along the way.

I’m an SEO Reseller, which is more like a ghost SEO. We help other SEOs with work for their clients, but they can’t know that we exist. Call us “Ghost SEOs” if you wish, or rather “Divine Intervention”. I’m an SEO for 4 years now, and I’ve handled a lot of clients during that time, most of which are entrepreneurs and field professionals that want to try their luck online, but never have I had a client which is an SEO by profession. It was a different experience for me. Here are a few of the advantages of hiring an SEO Reseller:

* High quality and very competitive SEO campaigns
* A great increase in productivity.
* Time Efficiency
* Assurance of a completely white hat SEO procedures.
* Transactions with SEO Resellers are strictly confidential.
* Not in direct competition with SEO, which basically means that end-clients can’t come directly to us.
* Cost efficient and cheaper that hiring extra in-house SEOs.

SEOs helping each other. So that’s basically the general idea of what I do.

I’m looking forward to being worthy of a warm welcome within the online community. Please feel free to drop by and comment on my posts. I’ll be updating my blog as often as possible, and I would like to invite everyone to join me in my journey as an SEO Reseller, and life in general.

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