To Follow, or to NoFollow.

May 27, 2010 at 8:22 pm (Search Engine Optimization) (, , , , , , , )

I woke up early this morning. I’m was still a bit sleepy, but the barking of my chihuahuas seem to sabotage my intention of slamming my head back to my bed. Feeling a sense of hopelessness in getting some more shut-eye, I took my guitar out of its case and headed for the living room. I wasn’t able to think of a specific song to play, so I just lightly played whatever chords that came to mind. It was raining, and as the water trickled down the window pane, I began to wander in deep thought about my work. Part of my work as a White Label SEO Reseller is looking for ways to improve our clients campaigns. The thought that was running in my head at that time is the concept of NoFollows. As far as my knowledge of link building goes, NoFollows were developed for the sole-purpose of preventing spam. And yet I still see a lot of sites with NoFollow attributes spammed into oblivion. Why is that? It’s hard to believe that at this age, there would be an SEO that is still unaware of NoFollows. I started to analyze a logical reason, looking at the raindrops a thought hit me. Rain is made through evaporation of moisture. Here’s me analysis:

“Nofollows means No Page Rank Juice, but an increase in traffic. An increase in traffic, combined with quality niche relevant content (lowers bounce rate) results in good SERP ranking, which in turn creates authority. Google has stated that Relevance and Reputation are what they look for in ranking a website. So, the whole issue about NoFollows not giving out juice, in the long run can still give your site juice?”

I’m still in the dark with my analysis. Anyone want to offer their ideas on this matter, please feel free to leave a comment. By the way, I consumed a good 10 minutes pondering everything about NoFollows… the migraine that ensued lasted for 3 hours.


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