Success, Sickness and SEO Competition

May 29, 2010 at 12:52 am (Search Engine Optimization) (, , , , , , )

Got in at work last night and had some awesome SEO work results. Everything would have been great, except I was feeling a bit feverish. Combined with a huge migraine and stomach cramps, made my mood impossible to work with, so I left work earlier. To top things off, I have a huge competition campaign to undergo which I’m behind right now because I hardly got any work done. The only thing that got me through the day was reading the fresh article from Bruce Clay’s SEO Blog. Those were brilliant reads by the way. My hats off to all their guest writers for the week. They tackled mostly social media, branding and competition issues. SEO Competition basics: Always be on your toes when it comes to competition. You may be on a great competition campaign using great methods, but your competitor might be using the same methods against you.

I was expecting to end the month of May with a bang, but instead I got a dud. Oh well… better luck next month.


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  1. Ruth said,

    I know the feeling. It’s really hard to work and concentrate when you’re feeling sick.

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